More Filipinos believe quality of life improved — SWS

(Eagle News) — More Filipinos believe their quality of life has improved, a recent Social Weather Stations survey said.

According to the Fourth Quarter 2018 Social Weather Survey conducted from December 16 to 19, 2018, 37% of Filipinos say their lives are better, while 25% said their lives worsened, for a “net gainers” score of +12, classified by the SWS as very high.”

The SWS said this was a “recovery” from the -2 (fair) in September 2018 and +5 (high) in June 2018, “after declining from the +19 to +23 (very high to excellent) levels of September 2016 to September 2018.”

The survey also found that 43% were optimistic that the Philippine economy next year would improve, while 11% said they felt it would deteriorate.

The SWS said this was 21 points up from the +11 (very high) in September 2018, and is the highest since the +42 (excellent) in December 2017.