Marcos says there is a need to revisit system of filing poll protests in PHL; Case vs Robredo goes on, he says

(Eagle News)–Former Senator Bongbong Marcos on Tuesday, Oct. 15, said there was a need to revisit the  system of filing electoral protests in the country.

Marcos made the statement in a televised interview with reporters after the Supreme Court ordered the release of the results on the manual count of votes covering Iloilo, Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental in connection with his protest against Vice President Leni Robredo, and ordered the Marcos and Robredo camps to comment on the same within 20 days.

Both the Marcos and Robredo camps had expected an SC decision on the poll protest instead.

“Maybe dapat balikan natin ang resulta ng sistema ng electoral protest natin because it is not advantageous..that we wait for this long for an important decision,” Marcos said.

In a separate televised interview with reporters, Vic Rodriguez, Marcos’ spokesperson, noted that they had been waiting for an SC decision on the protest “for the past three years now.”

He noted that the term of a vice president was only six years, and that “kalahating termino na tayo at ngayon at nadedefer nanaman.”

Marcos said, however, that with the SC decision, “the case goes on.”

“Papanalo natin ito,” Rodriguez said.