Manila Bakery to give away free cakes for 6 years of Duterte’s presidency

MANILA, Philippines (Eagle News) — A bakery in Manila will be giving away free cakes for the six years of Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency to celebrate his inauguration.

Rodrigo Duterte’s win in the presidential election is costing Quim’s bakery in Manila a lot of money.

The baker’s offer of free cakes for the next six years of his term in office if he won went viral.

Now Duterte’s supporters are turning up in droves to claim their reward, costing the bakery more than 100,000 dollars in total.

That’s 6,000 cakes handed out twice a month until the new president steps down.

Owner Eliaquim Labangan says it’s worth every penny.

“From what I see the president has been working with his staff, whoever they are, on the drug cases and we’re seeing them slowly crumbling. That’s when I had the idea that he’s really a good president since he’s doing a lot even though he’s not yet in power,” Eliaquim Labangan, Quim’s Bakeshop Owner and Pastry Chef said.

Meanwhile, another Manila food establishment is also using its wares to celebrate Duterte’s inauguration.

These cups of cappuccino come complete with an image of the president and vice president on the top.