Mabilog’s wife defends him; “You resorted to lies, fabrication,” she tells Duterte

(Eagle News) — The wife of former Iloilo Mayor Jed Mabilog on Friday, May 15, dismissed as “lies” her husband’s inclusion in the narco-list which President Rodrigo Duterte made public on Thursday night.

“You resorted to lies and fabrication which your own agencies have consistently rebutted” Marivic said in a Facebook post, apparently addressing herself to Duterte.

According to Marivic, if the latest narco-list was “truly validated, why don’t you furnish the media the validated list and the sources of your data, properly validated by the reporting agencies?”

She said in the first place, “you never brought any drug-related case against Jed because you have nothing on him.”

“Despite having the full control and disposal of intelligence funds and resources, you came up empty against Jed. Nada. Zero. Zilch,” she said.

She said even when her husband and the President were city mayors, “Iloilo was cited as the third least drug infected city,” while “Davao had one of the worst records in the drug trade and use in the country.”

“You think by continually shaming him and lying about him you will do him damage. But Jed’s shield and armor are the truths you refuse to acknowledge. The harder you hit the truth, the more sparkling and stronger it becomes,” she said.

The Mabilogs and their children left the country in August 2017, citing what they said were threats to their lives.

Mabilog has been dismissed from government service for graft.