Look for salt that has proper iodine content – NNC-7

The National Nutrition Council (NNC-7) reminded the public to be careful with the amount of iodine content in salt for consumption.

In the Philippine Information Agency – Association of Government Information Officers (PIA 7-AGIO 7) Forum, NNC-7 Regional Director Parolita Mission said the public should be conscious in the proper iodine content of salt being used.

“Look for salt that has proper iodine content, look for DOH-sealed iodized salt as these are the ones with proper iodine content,” Mission said.

Department of Health (DOH) through NNC is initiating the observance of the National Goiter Awareness Week every 4th week of January under Proclamation No. 1188.

Mission explained that DOH has noted that goiter is one of the effects of iodine deficiency.

The public, she said, should be aware also that there are over and low productions of iodine that may affect the health condition of the people, which prompted NNC to intensify their campaign for the use of salt with proper iodine content.

Meanwile, Mission said the use of iodine salt in the country and in Central Visayas is improving.

She noted that on their end they will not stop the advocacy of proper iodine content on iodized salt for public consumption.

“DOH and NNC are intensifing the move for the exact content of iodine on iodized salt,” Mission said. (rmn/ays/PIA7)