Locsin: PHL gov’t should bring those behind Chinese national’s death to justice

(Eagle News)–Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. on Tuesday, Aug. 13, said the Philippine government should immediately bring to justice those behind the death of a Chinese national in Las Piñas City.

In making the remark, Locsin noted that the Chinese could retaliate following the death of Yang Kang, 27.

The Chinese national died after jumping, while handcuffed, from the sixth floor of his office building in Pamplona.

“We go down this road of letting Chinese nationals be hurt, our people in China will pay. Send carping yellows to China when the anti-Filipino riots start to take the sacrificial place of our people working at good jobs there,” he said.

Asked if it was not the case that another Chinese national was behind the victim’s death, Locsin said it did not make a difference.

“FAILURE TO  BRING THE KILLER TO JUSTICE—like failure to off the cops who kidnapped a Korean, strangled & cremated him, flushed his ashes in a PNP toilet then demanded ransom from unwitting widow is sign of failed state,” he said, apparently referring to the killing of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo by rogue policemen in Pampanga in 2016.

The trial on the case is still ongoing.

“When a foreign national is killed on our soil, we are obliged to allow the foreign national’s state to send its own investigators to solve the crime we seem unable to. That is international practice,” Locsin said.