Local drug manufacturers signed up to produce anti-TB, HIV meds: PSAC

An Indian employee from Cadila Pharmaceuticals shows limited packs of Risorine capsules at its manufacturing facility on World Tuberculosis (TB) Day in Dholka, some 40 kms from Ahmedabad on March 24, 2015. /Sam Panthaky / AFP /

(Eagle News)–Several local drug manufacturers have signed up to participate in the production of anti-tuberculosis and anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) drugs, the government said on Friday, Feb. 23.

According to the Presidential Communications Office, this was the revelation of the Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC) Health Sector Group during the 5th PSAC Health Sector Group meeting in Malacañang with President Bongbong Marcos the day before.

Paolo Borromeo, the PSAC Healthcare Sector Lead, said in the PCO statement that the five manufacturers of drugs against TB would participate in national bids to be conducted by the Department of Health.

“In fact, I believe there was a bid last November and we are waiting for the results,” he said.

One, meanwhile, he said, expressed readiness to produce the HIV medicines.

PSAC made a commitment to assist local drug manufacturers that will produce first-line anti-TB/HIV drugs in the country, and help facilitate the continued implementation of the green lane program, the PCO said.

It said it will also ensure the consistent implementation of domestic bidder preference.

Earlier, President Marcos directed the DOH and the Food and Drug Administration to work with the private sector in identifying medicines that can be produced locally.

The goal is to reportedly bring down the cost and ensure steady supply.