Liza Marcos says husband Bongbong is “well”; family, staff tested negative for COVID-19, she says

Former senator Bongbong Marcos holds up a newspaper as he sits on his bed. This picture was released by his camp to dispute circulating rumors his lungs had collapsed and he had been airlifted to Singapore.

(Eagle News) — The wife of Bongbong Marcos on Thursday, March 26, said he was alive and “well,” amid rumors the former senator was dying.

“Contrary to the rumors currently circulating, my husband is well. His lungs did not collapse,” Liza Marcos said in a statement, also denying reports he had been airlifted in Chavit Singson’s plane to get treatment in Singapore.

The statement included a picture of her husband, who was smiling while seated on a bed and holding a newspaper.

“He is not dying. Nor is he dead,” she said.

According to Liza, “we had ourselves and our entire staff tested for COVID-19.”

She said fortunately, they all tested negative.

“We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously and have instituted sanitation procedures here at home. We hope you and your family do the same,” she said.

“Let us continue to do what we can for our less fortunate brothers. This too shall pass,” she added.

Earlier, the former senator’s sister Imee said Bongbong took a test for COVID-19 after feeling “unwell” upon arrival from Spain.