Lawyers’ group: PNP, OSG submitted “rubbish reports” on admin’s drug war

(Eagle News)–The Philippine National Police and the Office of the Solicitor General submitted “rubbish reports” on the administration’s drug war, a group of lawyers said.

As a result, the Center for International Law is asking the Supreme Court to order the PNP and the OSG to explain why they should not be cited in contempt, in a motion filed on Monday, Sept. 23.

In its motion, Centerlaw noted that an examination of 107 of the 289  CDs and DVDs submitted showed that “an overwhelming number of the death incidents submitted by the OSG and PNP are non-drug related cases.”

The PNP and the OSG made the submission in compliance with an SC order in April that said copies of the drug war’s police reports should be furnished to it and another party that filed cases against the administration’s war on drugs.

According to Centerlaw, around 90 percent of the 801 “solved” cases in the files are not drug-related, while 55.80 percent of the 991 “unsolved” cases that it has seen so far are not drug-related but were incidents of stabbing, mauling, shooting, among others.

The group asked the SC to order the government to product the “correct and complete” documents on the persons who died in anti-drug operations from July 1, 2016 to November 27, 2017, and  the homicide cases under investigation from July 1, 2016 to September 27, 2017.

It also wants the  names of the victims listed and the cases to be classified.

“The Supreme Court should not lose sight of the fact that the OSG and PNP trifled not only with the Petitioners. The OSG and PNP have run circles around the emphatic and repeated orders of the high court for them to submit documents on drug war related deaths,” the group said.