Lacson to PNP, PDEA: Arrest street pushers; they can lead you to big-time suppliers

(Eagle News) — Senator Panfilo Lacson on Thursday, Nov. 8, said street-level drug pushers should not be killed in the war against drugs.

In a Twitter post, Lacson said they, after all, can lead law enforcers to big-time drug suppliers.

“(Philippine National Police/Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency)- Don’t kill the street pushers; arrest them..,” Lacson said.

According to Lacson,  the law enforcers can “then finish the job by engaging those suppliers in a shootout.”

“Get another street pusher and continue the cycle,” he said.

Lacson served as PNP chief.

He has backed President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, urging law enforcers to focus not only on the demand side, but also on the supply side of the problem.