Lacson: Customs chief Guerrero remains “untainted” by corruption but “tara” system in BOC remains unchecked

(Eagle News)–Senator Panfilo Lacson on Wednesday, May 29, said the tara system in the Bureau of Customs remains unchecked even as he vouched for the integrity of Customs chief Rey Guerrero.

In a privilege speech, Lacson said among the Customs departments that continue to receive “grease money” were the intelligence unit (P3000 per container), the Imports Assessments Service (P2000 to P3000 per container) and the enforcement unit (P1000 per container).

He said the Office of the Commissioner also continues to receive P5000 per container plus ten percent of each collection per office under it, but as to who claims such “I will leave it to Guerrero to find out.”

According to Lacson, the information was based on reports given to him by his sources at the BOC.

“Despite my expos√©, I was informed that just recently, the tara system has not been suppressed. Worst, for many Customs officials, it remains business as usual,” he said, referring to his privilege speech in 2017, following news about the P6.4-billion shabu shipment that slipped through the BoC.

“Based on my sources, Guerrero¬† has remained untainted by corruption but his leadership is challenged to exact the same level of integrity from his subordinates,” Lacson added.