UPDATED: Guevarra issues lookout order vs incorporators, officers of Kapa Community Ministry Int’l

ILBO also issued vs 3 officers of  Alabel-Maasim Credit Cooperative

(Eagle News)–Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Friday, June 14, issued  an immigration lookout bulletin order against   incorporators and officers of KAPA Community Ministry International Inc., which the Securities and Exchange Commission has said operated a Ponzi scheme.

The incorporators were identified as Joel Apolinario, who was also listed as an officer; Nonita Urbano, Junnie Apolinario, Nelia Nino, Maria Pellea Sevilla, Jouelyn del Castillo, Cristobal Barabad and Joji Jusay.

Apart from Apolinario, other officers were  Reyna Apolinario, Modie Dagala, Benigno Tipan Jr., Marnilyn Maturan, Ricky Taer, Joji Tusay and Margie Danao.

Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete said an  ILBO was also issued against three officers of Alabel-Maasim Credit Cooperative: Jerson Cagang, chair; Cynthia Gomeri, corporate secretary; and Ailene Mancoa, chief finance officer.

The cooperative has reportedly been urging people to   invest for a bigger cash return of up to 30 percent monthly.

“Immigration officers are directed to monitor within all ports of exit and entry the movement of those covered and verify if legal basis exists to prevent them from leaving Philippine jurisdiction,” Perete said. Moira Encina