Inter-agency TWG slams Angkas; says only 2,204 of its riders are authorized

(Eagle News)-The Inter-agency Technical Working Group studying motorcycle taxis has slammed Angkas after it hit the government for its 10,000 motorcycle cap on each of the three firms participating in the extended test run until March 2020.

In a letter to Angkas’ George Royeca, the TWG said in the first place, despite the guidelines set by the TWG for the registration of riders, Angkas has only submitted 2204 authorized riders to the government, “a far cry” from the 27000 riders it said it had.

The TWG added even with the 27,000 riders, none of them would lose their jobs with the 10,000 cap since the rest could “choose the best employment/partnership terms” either with Angkas or with either of the two additional motorcycle taxi players included in the study-Joy Ride and Move It.

“In fact, there is a need to hire more as the TWG has recommended to increase the pilot run participants to the 39000 from the current 27000 now in place,” the TWG said.

According to the TWG, in the first place, the motorcycle taxi program was still in a pilot run basis that was being tested “and that you still do not have an official transport franchise.”

It said the government was introducing tweaks and system changes to ensure it will be a safe transportation.

“We therefore wish to call out Angkas and its improper and self-serving disposition and position,” the TWG said, adding that Royeca was silent throughout the consultative meetings but expressed amenability to the entry of the other two players.

“We are so disappointed and aghast at the temerity of Angkas to hostage the pilot run as if it is an exclusive business endeavor that cannot be altered without its assent,” the TWG said.

It said it was fair to say that Royeca was really more concerned with losing at least P170000 per day in potential income if the 17000 riders leave Angkas.

“At this point it is becoming clear that Angkas is not really concerned with the pilot study and the livelihood of its riders. It is only concerned with the livelihood of its owners,” it added.