Immigration bureau reminds foreign vloggers in PHL not to “overstep boundaries”

(Eagle News) — The Bureau of Immigration on Tuesday, July 13, warned foreign vloggers in the country against engaging in any activity violating the conditions of their stay.

In a statement, Immigration Chief Jaime Morente said that while vlogging per se wasn’t prohibited, foreign vloggers are not allowed to accept  endorsements or use their platforms to sell products if they are holding a temporary visitors’ visa.

According to Morente, this was a “deportable offense.”

He said if found guilty, violators could also be blacklisted.

“Online videos of these influencers bring entertainment to many, which could be a source of much-needed relief from the stress brought about by the pandemic. Vloggers promoting the beautiful places in our country could even help revive and boost tourism…,” he said.

Vloggers, however, he said, “should not overstep their boundaries and perform actions only within the activities allowed in their visas.”

In February, a social media influencer was charged by the bureau for what it said was “performing in gainful activity without the necessary permit or visa.”

The bureau said the social media influencer engaged in the online retail of notebooks, bags, and toiletries.