Immigration bureau: Only foreign permanent residents can enter PHL starting Aug. 1

(Eagle News)–The Bureau of Immigration on Tuesday, July 21, clarified only foreigners with permanent or immigrant visas will be allowed entry into the country starting Aug. 1.

According to Port Operations Division Acting Chief Grifton Medina, only those foreigners who fall under each of the following visa categories will be allowed entry starting next month : those who were issued immigrant visas under Section 13 of the Immigration act; those who acquired resident status under Republic Act 7919 or Alien Social Integration Act; those who availed of Executive Order 324 or Alien Legalization Program; and native-born foreign nationals.

Medina said that foreigners married to Filipinos and their dependents, as well as foreign diplomats, can come to the Philippines, as earlier resolved by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

According to bureau chief Jaime Morente, foreigners who did not fall in any of those categories “will be turned back if they land in any of our ports of entry.”

Morente issued the statement upon learning that immigration offices at the airports, and other field offices of the bureau were being swamped with calls and queries from people who thought that the country had opened its doors to all foreigners.

“So if you are not a permanent resident here, do not attempt to travel to the Philippines because you will be excluded and denied entry by our immigration officers,” Morente said.

Medina urged airlines to “take note” of the latest travel advisories so they can properly advise foreigners who wish to book flights to the Philippines.