Immigration bureau: 17 Chinese nationals barred from entering PHL for misrepresenting purpose of travel

(Eagle News) —  The Bureau of Immigration said it barred the entry of 17 Chinese nationals for misrepresenting their purpose of travel.

In a statement, the bureau said the foreigners came from two separate flights on Wednesday.

Intercepted first were 16 Chinese nationals who arrived on board a Pan Pacific Airlines flight from Zhengzhou, China at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

According to bureau intelligence division chief Fortunato Manahan, Jr., the 16 alleged they had been sponsored by a tech company in the Philippines.

“However, during interview, the group gave inconsistent statements and failed to establish their purpose of travel. They were unable to present relationship with alleged sponsor in the Philippines, and could not describe the nature of their trip,” the bureau said.

Also intercepted on the same day at the NAIA Terminal 2 was a Chinese national who arrived via a Philippine Airlines flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

The bureau said the man claimed to be affiliated with a solar energy company in the Philippines, but was unable to prove his purpose.

His documents, according to the bureau, were also inconsistent with his statements.

All 17 were included in the bureau’s blacklist.

They boarded the next available flight back to their port of origin.

Bureau commissioner Jaime Morente reminded immigration officers to be on the lookout, with some travel restrictions still in place.

“While only limited classes of aliens are allowed entry in the Philippines, our immigration officer must remain alert and vigilant to thwart the entry of illegal aliens who may try to come here and work without proper documentation,” he said.