Gordon to gov’t officials: Leave the talking about the Recto Bank incident to DFA, DND

(Eagle News) — Leave the talking to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of National Defense.

Senator Richard Gordon had this to say to government officials, after a Chinese vessel and a Filipino fishing boat figured in an allision near Recto Bank on June 13, and the 22 Filipino crew members, mostly fishermen, abandoned at sea.

According to Gordon, too many officials speaking, especially if they are not in sync with one another, may only weaken the country’s position on the incident.

Gordon also urged the public not to “force” President Rodrigo Duterte to say more, adding that the chief executive was talking “through: the DFA, “hence the diplomatic protest” filed by the Philippines.

“The President can’t be tied to a corner dahil kung iba ang lalabas sa investigation at taliwas iyon sa sinabi niya, hindi na niya mababawi,” Gordon said.

Earlier, President Dutrerte urged the Philippine Navy to “stay out” of the incident, noting that what happened was a “little maritime accident” that did not need to be made worse.

He said he would comment on the matter as soon as the results of a probe into the incident were released.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo has already denounced the incident.