Google X May Be Working On An Elevator That Goes To Space


Readers of  “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator” definitely can relate to this because this really speaks to their soul.

As children, this imaginative tale by Roald Dahl remained fantastic in our collective minds. However, Google X confirmed that some of the smartest humans our species has spawned have considered developing a working space elevator.

This ambiguous impossible venture is way over our heads because the scope of funding a project of this caliber is jaw dropping, intimidating at best and impossible at worst.

Rich DeVaul head of Google X’s Rapid Evaluation team, explained the challenge further, “It would be a massive capital investment. [If built], it could take you from ground to orbit with a net of basically zero energy. It drives down the space-access costs, operationally, to being incredibly low.”

Know this, Google X has not yet abandoned this project completely. With the right amount of funding and future developments in manufacturing, we may yet get our unbelievable transit system  of our dreams.

Are you gonna wait for this to happen even if it takes a lifetime? Let Google X know your answer, drop a comment in our comments section below.