Foreign broadcast producer “tricked” into coming to 36 T. Sora, denies UN involvement in visit


(Eagle News) — A live broadcast transmedia producer from a non-government organization called World Peace One came to 36 Tandang Sora Avenue Monday morning (February 1), but claims she was “tricked” into coming there.

Lisa Clapier, co-founder of Unify, a movement which was all about peace and prayer, said she was repeatedly called by a certain “grandmother” for years, seeking her help, asking her to “come and love a  brother and sister ” in the Philippines.

“It’s a Filipino grandmother, and she’s very old.  I worked for so many elders and grandmothers I just know a lot of the global community and so she called me,” Clapier recalled.

“Honestly, it’s almost been like a joke,” she said.

“She’s been reaching out to me for several years.  There was an interfaith meeting already planned here.  and I was coming for that,” Clapier said.

While she recalled how the interfaith meeting supposedly to happen in Tandang Sora was for the movement “heavenly restoration of life,” she said how “at the last moment grandmother called me and said that I can meet her little sister.”

Clapier added:  “Honestly, it’s almost been like a joke, okay, I feel like, I’ve been like on a chase because every time I go to meet the grandmother she was never there but somebody else was. I am not kidding.”

“The first day I got here, I go .. I’m whisked to the Hall of Justice to meet this sister, I think I’m meeting the elder grandmother. Of course, this is how I got here. It’s a trick,” she said.

It was last week, when Clapier was seen at the Quezon City court where Lottie Hemedez filed a case in court against Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Over the weekend, media people were alerted with a media advisory coming from the Hemedez camp claiming that a United Nations representative would be coming over for a fact-finding mission at no. 36 Tandang Sora.

But Clapier clarified that her visit had nothing to do with the UN, and that she came here on her own.

“I’m a broadcast peace ambassador and I came on my own accord, because this is what I do,” she said.

She said her organization was all for peace, and for establishing peace departments in every nation.

“We’re organizing, we’re self-organizing,” Clapier clarified.

She said that she was supposed to have a private meeting with the “sister” inside 36 Tandang Sora, but that even if she was not able to get inside, she considered it a successful visit as there was “cooperation”

She said that in the end, she managed to meet the “grandmother” whose name was Rose.

“I did, and I have pictures and it’s mind-blowing,” Clapier recalled.

“And I did see the sister through the window and she’s okay.”

But Clapier also had this advice as far as her 36 Tandang Sora experience was.     “You’ve got to watch these grandmothers and elders, I’m telling you, they make you show up in this way.”