Eight Koreans nabbed in Pampanga for alleged phishing activities, over illegal drugs

One remains at large

Eight Koreans were arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation in Angeles, Pampanga for alleged phishing activities and over illegal drugs. One managed to escape. /Moira Encina/Eagle News/

(Eagle News)–The National Bureau of Investigation has arrested eight Koreans for alleged phishing activities and over illegal drugs.

In a statement, the NBI said the arrest of Jung Ju Wan, Kim Tea Yang, Oh Young Seong, Song Jong Min, Jin Jun Young, Kim Dae Hyun, Sung Won Kang, Yeong Hak Tak and Young Jo Choi in Angeles, Pampanga was made after the equipment, including computers, phones, among others, they used for their illegal activities and alleged shabu and drug paraphernalia were found in the house in Angeles, Pampanga that was the subject of a search warrant.

One managed to escape.

The NBI said it secured a search warrant from a court following a tip about the group’s alleged illegal activities.

A check also found Young was a fugitive in Korea.

The NBI said based on the tip, the group would steal personal and financial information from their victims via telephone, and transfer these to different blank cards.

The NBI said the group would also transfer money from “fraudulently-acquired” cards to accounts under their control, and use blank cards with transferred information to access their victims’ bank accounts.

Charges for violation of the Access Devices Regulation Act and the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act will be filed against the suspects.