ECQ in Samar province extended until April 30

The enhanced community quarantine in Samar has been extended to April 30./Governor Reynolds Michael Tan FB account/

(Eagle News) — TheĀ  enhanced community quarantine in Samar is extended to April 30.

This was after Samar Governor Reynolds Michael Tan signed Executive Order No. 22, a copy of which was uploaded on Facebook on Monday, April 13.

According to Tan, the extension was a recommendation of the Provincial Inter-agency Task Force on COVID-19 “in order to help control the further transmission of (the coronavirus disease 2019) in the province.”

Tan said he has ordered concerned agencies like the Samar Police Provincial Office and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to continue the implementation of the measures and guidelines that are aimed against the spread of COVID-19.

“The order shall take immediately upon issuance,” he said.

The ECQ in Samar was supposed to last only until April 15.

The province has so far recorded at least three COVID-19 cases.