Eco group “delighted” over WorldWide Walk’s cleanliness

Waste and pollution watchdog EcoWaste Coalition marvelled today at the clean and well-organised charity walk of the Iglesia Ni Cristo for Typhoon Yolanda victims. The ecological group said theroute of the walkathon was “devoid of unsightly and filthy trash” – a far cry from the feast of the Black Nazarene last january when it turned Quiapo “into a dumpsite due to the unimpeded disposal of garbage on the streets.” EcoWaste coordinator Aileen Lucero lauded participants and organizers of the charity event, the so-called “WorldWide Walk”, for showing their support for the Yolanda victims in “an earth-friendly” manner. “Luneta is litter free as it should be,” she said. Lucero added that those who attended had the discipline to keep the path to the finish line (which began at the CCP) clean. Last month, the eco group harshly chided devotees of the Black Nazarene for littering and even relieving themselves on public walls, which they said tarnished the event once again. EcoWaste said they were “delighted” over the clean walkathon, and hoped that “other faith and non-faith groups conducting outdoor events will follow suit and ensure that the surroundings are kept clean and tidy as they gather for fun, leisure, politics or worship.” The WorldWide Walk, which began early this morning, have already reached crowds of over 500,000 (according to police reports). It is now on pace to break the world record attendance for a charity walk.