Duterte on Robredo’s non-inclusion as Cabinet member: I don’t trust her

(Eagle News) — President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, Nov. 19, said he decided against including Vice President Leni Robredo in the Cabinet because he does not trust her.

“Ang problema ko kay Robredo… Marami na siyang pinagsasabi. If that is the way her mouth behaves there can be no position for her,” the President said.

Robredo has been vocal about the government’s war on drugs.

Earlier, she figured in a video where she criticized the alleged extrajudicial killings on the sidelines of a United Nations event abroad.

“Kung Cabinet member siya and she looks into the records that are classified matters, China, whatever, kung hingiin niya yan, being a Cabinet member she would have access to everything,” the President said.

He said he did not trust Robredo not just because she was a member of the opposition but also because “I do not know her.”

“Ngayon siya kung nandiyan, hindi ko man talaga siya kilala and the way she behaved right after I appointed her does not inspire — it’s not inspiring,” he added, apparently referring to Robredo’s talks with members of the United Nations and other foreign governments after she was appointed co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee Against Illegal Drugs.

Anyway, he said Robredo would be given information on a “need-to-know basis.”

“Natakot tuloy ako baka pakitaan niya kasi she was questioning noon “ah ‘yung extrajudicial,” ganun na, kasali na ang pulitika,” Duterte said.

Earlier, Duterte threatened to fire Robredo if she revealed state secrets.

Robredo gave the assurance no sensitive information would be disclosed.