Duterte fires some DAR officials for taking two years to process land conversion case

(Eagle News)—–President Rodrigo Duterte has fired some officials at the Department of Agrarian Reform after it took them two years to convert an agricultural land to a commercial one.

Duterte himself made the announcement in a speech in Lucena on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

“Kung nakikinig sila ngayon diyan sa conversion office ng DAR, better prepare because you’re fired,” he said, without saying names.

President Duterte has been very vocal against red tape in government, and has even given government officials a deadline within which they should have acted on documents.

Duterte said land reform was being used by Communists as an issue so he wants to speed up land reform in Quezon, where there are Communist rebels.

“I was trying to figure out if nandito si (John Castriciones, the DAR secretary, kasi gusto ko siyang tanungin and I hope he would be around next time na gusto ko siyang tanungin if there’s still available lands, government lands ang uunahin ko dito banda sa inyo,” he said.