DOJ to submit sanitized list of heinous crimes convicts freed due to misapplication of expanded GCTA law on Sept. 30

(Eagle News)–The Department of Justice is expected to submit its sanitized list of heinous crimes convicts released earlier because of a misapplication of the expanded Good Conduct Time Allowance law, on Sept. 30.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said the list, which shall serve as the bases for the re-arrest of the convicts, shall be submitted to the Department and the Interior and Local Government and the Philippine National Police.

He said with the submission,  the re-arrest could resume on Oct. 1.

The original Bureau of Corrections list said 1914 persons deprived of liberty were released under the GCTA since 2014.

It was later found, however, that some in the list were not convicted of heinous crimes, were pardoned, given parole or executive clemency or people whose sentences had been commuted. Moira Encina