DOJ panel indicts 7 Tau Gamma Phi frat members over Salilig hazing, neophyte’s injuries

(Eagle News) — The Department of Justice panel of prosecutors has indicted seven members of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity over the alleged hazing death of Adamson student John Matthew Salilig and over injuries sustained by neophyte Roi Osmund Dela Cruz.

According to the DOJ, prosecutors found probable cause to indict the following for violation of the Anti-Hazing Law of 2018:

  • Earl Romero (Slaughter)
  • Tung Cheng Teng Jr. (Nike): Grand triskelion
  • Jerome Ochoco Balot (Allie)
  • Sandro Victorino (Loki)
  • Michael Ricalde (Alcazar)
  • Mark Muñoz Pedrosa (Makoy)
  • Daniel Perry (Sting): master initiator

“In finding probable cause against the respondents, the panel explained in its resolution dated 13 March 2023 that all of the above-mentioned respondents planned and actually participated in hazing the recruits by way of paddling,” the DOJ said.

It said the complainants were also able to establish that Salilig’s injuries led to his death.

Dela Cruz and Salilig’s next of kin have filed a separate complaint for hazing against 12 others, who are at large.

Alexander Marcelo and Earl Justine Abuda filed another separate complaint against several members of the fraternity, including the same seven–Romero and others—who were already indicted in connection with a separate complaint.

These two complaints–with Dela Cruz and Salilig’s family as complainants on the one hand, and Marcelo and Abuda as complainants on the other—have yet to be assigned to prosecutors.