DOJ: Panel created to verify records of PDL prior to release

(Eagle News)–The Oversight Committee on Corrections has created a panel to verify the records of each person deprived of liberty prior to their release.

Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete said that while this was a “tedious process,” it is “called for under the circumstances.”

He said the panel has met in the past days and “will meet again this afternoon with the relevant BuCor officers whose task is to justify each and every recommendation for release.”

“Considering the number of PDLs involved, we plan to release in tranches, the first of which will hopefully happen today,” Perete said.

He said in the meantime, the Joint Task Force “continues to comb through the prison records and carpetas at the Senate.”

As of yesterday, he said the task force has reviewed “close to a hundred records.”

“We will eventually use their output to come up with a cleaned up list of GCTA-related cases,” Perete said.

He said so far, the Bureau of Corrections has a list of PDLs to be released, “supposedly on the ground that their cases are non-GCTA related.”

He said these were “presumably releases based on court orders (e.g. acquittal, etc), commutation of sentence, pardon, and to a certain extent, parole.” Moira Encina