DOH: 12 more local Delta variant cases detected in PHL; 3 of 12 in Metro Manila

(Eagle News) — The Philippines has reported additional COVID-19 variant cases.

In a statement, the Department of Health said 12 more local cases of the highly contagious Delta variant,  187 more Alpha variant cases, 142 additional Beta variant cases, and 12 more P.3 variant cases were detected in the latest genome sequencing.

The DOH said the additional 12 local Delta variant cases pushed the total in  the country to 47.

Of the additional 12, three cases were in Metro Manila, six in Region 3, two in Calabarzon, and one in Region 5.

Earlier, the DOH said two local Delta variant cases of the additional 11 local cases reported at that time in the Philippines were also in Metro Manila.

The DOH said all 12 additional Delta cases have recovered but “their outcomes are being validated by our regional and local health offices.”

Earlier, the DOH said eight Delta variant cases detected in the Philippines still tested positive for the virus during retesting even after they completed the mandatory 14-day quarantine for COVID-positive-cases.

According to the DOH, an “enhanced response” was needed in areas where new Delta variant cases were detected and in areas where there is a surge in COVID-19 cases “with the premise that there may be ongoing local transmission already.”

The DOH had warned of a surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, which is said to be up to 60 percent more transmissible.

An Alpha variant-positive person can infect three to four people in a sitting, but a Delta variant-positive person can infect as many as eight, the DOH had said.

President Rodrigo Duterte has said the Philippines may need to re-impose stricter restrictions due to the variant, which the World Health Organization has said was on track to becoming the globally dominant COVID-19 variant due to its transmissibility.

Other variant cases

Meanwhile, the DOH said the 187 more Alpha variant cases pushed the total Alpha variant cases to 1,668.

Of the additional 187 Alpha variant cases, 179 were local and eight were still under verification.

So far, of the Alpha variant cases, the DOH said 54 have died while 133 others have recovered.

The  total of Beta variant cases in the Philippines, on the other hand, is now at 1827, including the 142 additional Beta variant cases.

Of the 142 additional cases, the DOH said 134 were local while eight were still under verification.

So far, the DOH said 21 of the Alpha variant cases have died and the remaining 121 have recovered.

The number of P.3 variant cases in the Philippines has climbed to 233, including the additional 12 cases.

Gamma infections, meanwhile, remain at two.

“The DOH reminds the public that as the government continually strengthens our healthcare capacity, the minimum public health standards and getting vaccinated when it is our turn are still the best defense against any variant,” the department said.