DILG: BFP to assist local health authorities in implementing Oplan Kalinga program

(Eagle News) — The Bureau of Fire Protection will assist local health authorities in implementing the Oplan Kalinga program.

This was after the Department of the Interior and Local Government gave the bureau the directive for them to help search for COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms but who are not qualified to do home quarantine, and transport them to isolation facilities.

Under the government’s new policy, COVID-19 patients in those categories may only home-quarantine if they have their own room, their own bathroom, and there are no vulnerable people in their houses.

“The BFP is part of the municipal/city COVID-19 task forces and in this capacity, they have been assisting the [city or municipal health offices] transport patients since the start of the pandemic,” Año said.

In fact, he said the BFP’s Emergency Medical Service and Special Rescue Units have the necessary health personnel and equipment to transport COVID-19 patients.

The BFP has so far transported 1674 patients nationwide.

He added that since the start of the pandemic, the BFP has mobilized 73.8 percent of its personnel, or 20947 officers out of the 29383 personnel, to help in the DILG’s efforts against COVID-19, including contact tracing.

“We have deployed 98 BFP EMS ambulances, 35 Rescue/HazMat vehicles, 970 firetrucks and 114 BFP service vehicles for the DILG’s overall COVID-19 response,” he said.