DFA raises alert level 4 over Ethiopia; mandatory repatriation of Filipinos under way

(Eagle News) — The Department of Foreign Affairs advised Filipinos in Ethiopia to immediately prepare for evacuation, amid escalating conflict between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

The DFA made the call after it announced an alert level 4 had been raised in the country due to the “continued and intensifying conflict.”

The department said the highest alert level was raised over countries where there is a “large-scale internal conflict or a full-blown attack.”

Filipinos in the country were also advised to “restrict non-essential movements” and avoid public places.

“Filipinos in Ethiopia in need of assistance may contact the Philippine Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, through telephone numbers (+202) 252-13062 or through its Facebook Page,” the DFA said.

Filipinos may also contact the Philippine Honorary Consul in Addis Ababa by email  hc.philippines.aa@gmail.com, or by telephone (+251) 118 648 752.

The tensions began in 2018, when Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy launched an offensive against the TPLF  when he came into power.

Media reports said since the beginning of August, the tension between the two  escalated, with the TPLF threatening to advance towards the capital Addis Ababa, together with the Oromo Liberation Army.

Reports quoted UN political chief Rosemary DiCarlo as saying that  the risk of Ethiopia “descending into widening civil war is only too real.”