DFA: 49 more Filipinos abroad have recovered from COVID-19

Forty-nine more Filipinos overseas have recovered from COVID-19, the DFA said on Wednesday, Aug. 5, bringing the total to 5730./DFA/

(Eagle News) — An additional 49 Filipinos overseas have recovered from COVID-19, the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday, Aug. 5.

According to the DFA, with the newly-reported recoveries from  Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and Africa, the total number of recoveries  rises to 5,730.

The DFA said 20, however, were added to the total number of COVID-19 cases among overseas Filipinos, bringing the total to 9627.

Two new fatalities were recorded in the Middle East, for a total of 695 deaths.

The Middle East and Africa have recorded the most number of overseas Filipino deaths due to COVID-19, with 419.

This was followed by the Americas, with 119, and Europe with 95.

The Asia-Pacific region has recorded six deaths.