DFA: 20 Filipinos remain in Afghanistan

(Eagle News) — Twenty Filipinos remain in Afghanistan as the government continues its repatriation efforts.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, only two of the 20, however, have requested repatriation.

The rest, it said, expressed their intent to stay in the country for work reasons.

According to the department, so far, 191 Filipinos have already left the country.

The department said the Philippine embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan continues to closely monitor the status of Filipinos in Afghanistan and “stands ready to assist them at any time.”

Any Filipino in distress can contact the Philippine Embassy through the following:
Whatsapp/Viber: +923335244762
Messenger/Facebook: Islamabad PE Atn or OFW Help
Email: isbpeatn@gmail.com

The Taliban retook the reins of government in Afghanistan mid-August, years after they were ousted by US-led troops in 2001.

This prompted an evacuation of some individuals, who thought their rights would be trampled on if they stayed.