De Lima: Grant “compassionate parole” to terminally-ill inmates

(Eagle News)–Senator Leila de Lima has reiterated her call terminally-ill Persons Deprived of Liberty should be granted “compassionate parole” or medical parole based on humanitarian and medical grounds.

In reintroducing Senate Bill (SB) No.1146, De Lima said terminally-ill PDLs should have a chance to serve out their sentence under their families’ care or seek better medical care outside prison.

According to De Lima, institutionalizing the grant of parole to the select PDLs “also rationalizes the correctional practice by allowing the conditional release of PDLs who are no longer capable of serving their sentences within the correctional facilities due to their conditions.”

She said this constitutes humane treatment of the inmates.

“While it is admitted that we need to improve our healthcare services, including those in our jails and correctional facilities, we can also look into the policy of granting medical parole to those who truly deserve them,” she said.

“The grant of medical parole presupposes that the conditional release of a PDL will not constitute a threat to the safety of society,” she added.