CPP founded by Sison now “insignificant,” will soon “die a natural death” — Arevalo

(Eagle News) — The Communist Party of the Philippines Jose Maria Sison has founded has become “insignificant” in the country, and will soon die a “natural death.”

This is according to Brigadier General Edgard Arevalo, spokesperson of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who issued a statement that coincided with the CPP’s 51st anniversary on Thursday, Dec. 26.

“The CPP that Mr (Sison) founded has lost relevance in a world that has rejected communism. It has become insignificant in a nation governed by strong political will to end insurgency that is bereft of any ideology,” he said, noting that┬áthe CPP, its armed wing the New People’s Army and its political wing the National Democratic Front “have been widely rejected by most Filipinos in the countryside.”

The CPP, Arevalo said, “should heed the writings on the wall.”

“The people have awakened and support the National Task Force Ending Local Communst Armed Conflict anchored in good governance that the AFP helps foster,” Arevalo said.

“There is nothing to celebrate in 51 years of duplicity! The (CPP) has been fooling many of our people for more than half a century now,” he added.