Changing the start of classes from June to August: Advantages and Disadvantages

 Different universities are now changing the start of classes, from June to Augusts. According to sources, the Philippines and Thailand are the only countries that start their classes in June. Under the new academic calendar, the first semester will be from August to December; the second semester, from January to May; and the short term, from June to July. When I was in high school, I had always wished that classes would start in summer […]

The success behind the K-pop songs

OPM or Original Pinoy Music is the country’s music industry and has been serving the Pinoy’s love for music. But for quite some time now, a new range of tune has invaded our shores and stirred the music industry. Going as far as calling it the new genre of music, KPop has taken the world, especially the Philippines. K-pop is a musical genre from South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual […]

February is Youth Leadership Month

February is hailed as Youth Leadership Month, a month to celebrate young people who take on leadership roles within their communities. Those who have not yet dedicated their time to a leadership role are encouraged to find something, a cause they love and step up to help in this effort. There are many ways children of all ages can take a leadership role Here are several ways you can encourage your children to become leaders. […]

Sould we allow Erap to run for local position?

The trial of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada (People of the Philippines vs. Joseph Estrada, et al., 26558 Sandiganbayan, September 12, 2007) took place between 2001 and 2007 at the Sandiganbayan. Estrada, popularly called Erap, was ousted from office in 2001 during a popular uprising in Metro Manila after an aborted impeachment trial in which he was charged with plunder and perjury. Soon after his ouster, the same charges were filed against him at the […]