Graduation Day: A stepping stone for a better future

graduationGraduation season is coming. Cameras will snap, parents will grin and sigh, and beach balls will sail. Speakers will tell students that today is the first day not only of the rest of their lives but of their “real” lives.

Being in school is really a roller coaster ride. You’ll experience a lot of different things from the very first time you studied until your last day. Graduation day is indeed the most important day for the students as well as for their parents because from this day, all their efforts will be paid.

When I studied in College, all things were new for me: from my classmates and other students, professors, to my course, and even my surroundings.  My need to adjust was really big. When I first entered school, I was a bit scared, nervous, but also excited to meet new people that will be part of my four-year journey at my university.

The feeling of being a college student is different because the expectation of my family is higher than when I was in high school. I really thought that I needed to do this to get high grades.  But college thought me differently. Yes, you have to strive hard to achieve higher grades but the most important thing is learning everything that you can learn from your school. Yes, it’s really not about getting high grades.  It’s about learning and surviving your course.

Graduation day is much near than I thought but the challenges are also harder. Minor and major subjects, term papers, requirements, and other deadlines are stressful plus the fact that you have to finish a 400-hour on the job training. College taught me to organize things properly, to finish things before the deadline comes but not to forget to enjoy, relax and give yourself a break some time.

College thought us how to work with different people. This is the chapter of our lives where in our professors prepare us so that we’ll be ready to work outside the school. College thought us how is the real world moves. It tells us that when we are not in the school anymore, it’s really a different world and the people that you will deal with are far different than when you were in high school.

Graduating from college is a major milestone. Congratulations on this achievement. So, what’s next for you after college? What does your future hold? Some students see college as a major goal, when in reality it is simply a stepping stone to other future life achievements. Part of the adventure is really figuring out who you are and what you value. For the typical twenty-something, graduating from college is the final move or leap into adulthood.

Paola Hines
AB-Masscomm, New Era University