Tips for Save Driving

Driving Tips With the long weekend just around the corner, many of us are dreaming of going on a road trip – whether to reunite with beloved relatives or to explore new locations. Of course one of the sure-fire ways to ruin our holiday break is to be involved in a road mishap, so we must be extra careful in our driving, especially when we have our friends and family together with us in the […]

Cebu’s Best Filipino Cuisine Restaurants

If you looking for a great taste of Filipino Cuisine, the Queen City of South (Cebu City) has a lot to offer. Let’s take a tour of some of the best restaurants in Cebu that serves great and excellent Filipino Cuisines. 1. AA Barbeque Restaurant – iconic dining place for the best barbeque dishes – grilled pork belly, grilled seafood and delectable char-broiled chicken dishes. From a humble single location in Lahug, the bbq fever have […]

Top 5 Famous Cafés in Bacolod City

By Natalie Kate Ann Juntado If you are heading to Bacolod City, more popularly known as the City of Smiles  for a short vacation or business meeting, you shouldn’t miss visiting at least one of Bacolod’s cake and coffee shops which are located in the most busy streets of the city. Bacolod is known as the Sugar Cane Capital of the Philippines, so there’s no doubt why Bacolod is filled with cafes where people gather […]

Traveling Apps For That Dream Holiday

It seems like everyone wants to travel everywhere now. Aside from taking you away from work to different places and experiences, traveling is one of the best teachers. But why travel now? Well, mainly because there is an abundance of travel promos and discounts to almost anywhere locally and around the globe. And yes, the internet and the advancement in technology can’t help but garner much if not all the recognition. A decade ago, traveling […]

5 Important Things To Bring While Travelling

Basically, there are two kinds of travel packers:  the over-packers and the under-packers.   The over- packers would likely bring his/ her whole wardrobe on a trip and return home with half of clothes that were not even used. On the other hand, under- packers are the ones who always run out of clothes to wear on a trip. Either way, we tend to forget things that we should have packed halfway through the trip […]