The Candaba Wetlands – a bird watcher’s paradise

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, May 22) – Who would have thought that the quiet, sleepy town of Candaba will soon become famous?

The wetlands or “latian” came about as the town served as the catch-basin for the overflowing rivers of Pampanga.

Measuring 32, 000 hectares, the Candaba swamps is teeming of wildlife. Hearing of the various kinds of ducks and other migratory birds making the place their resting point, bird enthusiasts flock in the quiet, sleepy town and placed Candaba in the tourist maps.

The ideal time to visit is during the months of October to April. During this period, various migratory birds can be found like Seven Purple Swamp Hen and the Chinese Pond Heron to name a few.

Candaba, capitalizing on the pull of the migratory birds, began to develop eco-friendly industries like making crafts out of water hyacinth. Also, many farmers offer an immersive activities to tourists, allowing them to partake in harvest activities like duck egg harvesting and watermelon harvesting.

(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Aimee Mendoza, photos by Landmarks, photos captured by Lovely Manabat)