Eyebrows – the most important feature of your face

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 19) –  Draw an arc under and above. Shade the spaces and brush. This is how you shape the most important feature of your face. Your eyebrows. Eyebrows protects our eyes by preventing sweat and dust from reaching it. Imagine if we do not have eyebrows. Scientist predicted that we could have very thick lashes or the human skull could continue to thrust forward so it would form a ledge above […]

Parenting – how to know you’re doing it right?

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 19) – Have you encountered someone who is well-disciplined, matured and contented in life? You might notice that they are also the ones who are victorious and have achieved tremendous success.  Wondering the reason how did they come up with that kind of outcome, some people don’t realize that effective and good parenting can largely contributes the success of the child. Periods, commas, question marks and other punctuation are like small particles […]

El Niño brings intense drought to parts of Colombia

A helicopter flies over the drying out River Magdalena, which is currently experiencing its lowest level since environmental authorities began their measurements 50 years ago, due to an intense drought in Colombia, caused by El Niño phenomenon. Fisherman Gabriel Barreto walks barefoot along the river’s parched and cracked riverbed, which flowed with water six months ago and is the most important in the South American country. Standing in his canoe, Barreto repeatedly throws his net […]

Islas de Gigantes

Naiisip niyo bang gawing exciting ang inyong 2016? Bakit hindi ninyo i-set ito bilang travel year? At para makatulong sa inyo na nagbabalak libutin ang pilipinas, may isang lugar kaming i-susuggest sa inyo. Saan ito? Tara samahan po ninyo kaming bisitahin ang isa sa pinagmamalaki ng Iloilo, Isla De Gigantes. Ang isla de gigantes ay nasa northeast part ng panay. Nasasakop ito ng bayan ng Carles, Iloilo. May roon itong dalawang malaking isla, ito ang […]

Cloud Seeding: Its Pros and Cons

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 18) – The El Niño phenomenon currently occurring in the Asia Pacific region –yup, our country’s included—continues to intensify. It started on September 2015, and is expected to endure till the first quarter of this year. Along with the scorching heat, different problems comes along with it, such as lack of rainfall, poor harvests and significantly declined water supply. With these things in consideration, weather modification and manipulation comes into the scene. […]

Chameleon’s tongue-lashing technique analysed

A tongue lashing you wouldn’t want to be on the end of… especially if you’re this chameleon’s favorite snack. Called Rhampholeon spinosus, it’s small enough to fit on a human thumb. But the rapid recoil of elastic tissues in its tongue when it strikes puts its bigger relatives to shame. Research published in scientific journal Nature on the feeding technique of 20 species of chameleon found smaller ones could project their tongues 2-and-a-half times their […]

Suitcase of the future

Five Lebanese teenagers have reinvented the traditional suitcase. They’ve designed a ‘smart suitcase’ that follows its owner, giving their invention the name ‘Follow me Suitcase’. It could mean that lost luggage and carrying heavy bags would become a thing of the past. Student Ralph Shalhoub is one of the teenagers involved in the project. He says it was after a trip to Dubai that they came up with the concept. “We are a team of […]

A pineapple a day!

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 18) – The pineapple may be funny-looking but it has a serious impact on health, and packs a lot health and medicinal benefits including their ability to improve respiratory health, cure coughs and colds, improve digestion, help you lose weight, strengthen bones, improve oral health, boost eye health, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, increase heart health, fight off infections and parasites, improve the immune system, and increase circulation. The pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit […]

Virtual reality app blends social network into experience

It could be a marriage made in heaven. British software company Starship is bringing social networking into the realm of virtual reality — through a user’s smart phone. The app is called “vTime” and this video shows what an interactive conference call between friends looks like. Up to four users can ‘meet’ in vTime’s 3D virtual world, by connecting headsets to their phones. The headsets also create the illusion of human interaction by using lip-syncing […]

Hi-tech collar that determines your pet’s emotion

A wagging tail is usually a sign that your dog’s happy enough, whereas cats can be more inscrutable. Now this new hi-tech collar from Japan claims to take a scientific approach to your pets’ emotions. Equipped with two sensors which detect the speed, motion and bodily rotation of pets, the device sends measurements to a phone app. The data’s then translated into four possible results: excited or happy, relaxed, wanting to play and annoyed. DEVELOPER, […]

US Gov’t: Pregnant women should postpone travel to countries with Zika virus

US authorities said that pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant should consider postponing travel to Latin America and Caribbean countries and territories that reported an outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The virus was found in fetal and newborn tissues of babies with microcephaly in Brazil. Microcephaly is a neurological disorder that can cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads, which leads to severe developmental issues and sometimes death. There is […]

Cocoa farming in booms after climate change wreaks havoc on coffee crops

Soaring temperatures in Central America due to climate change are forcing farmers to pull up coffee trees and replace them with cocoa plants, spurring a revival in the cultivation of a crop once so essential to the region’s economy it was used as currency. Farmers across the region, known for its high-quality arabica beans, are still recovering from a devastating coffee leaf rust disease known as roya that wiped out crops over the past three […]