Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion

By Gerry Shih and Sarah McBride Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:54pm EST (Reuters) – Facebook Inc will buy fast-growing mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock, as the world’s largest social network looks for ways to boost its popularity, especially among a younger crowd. The acquisition of the hot messaging service with more than 450 million users around the world stunned many Silicon Valley observers with its lofty price tag. But it […]

Cebu’s Best Filipino Cuisine Restaurants

If you looking for a great taste of Filipino Cuisine, the Queen City of South (Cebu City) has a lot to offer. Let’s take a tour of some of the best restaurants in Cebu that serves great and excellent Filipino Cuisines. 1. AA Barbeque Restaurant – iconic dining place for the best barbeque dishes – grilled pork belly, grilled seafood and delectable char-broiled chicken dishes. From a humble single location in Lahug, the bbq fever have […]

Top 5 Famous Cafés in Bacolod City

By Natalie Kate Ann Juntado If you are heading to Bacolod City, more popularly known as the City of Smiles  for a short vacation or business meeting, you shouldn’t miss visiting at least one of Bacolod’s cake and coffee shops which are located in the most busy streets of the city. Bacolod is known as the Sugar Cane Capital of the Philippines, so there’s no doubt why Bacolod is filled with cafes where people gather […]

First U.S. bitcoin ATMs to open soon in Seattle, Austin

(Reuters) – Robocoin said on Tuesday that later this month it will install the first automated teller machines in the United States that let users buy and sell bitcoin, the latest step into the mainstream for the digital currency. The kiosks, to be installed in Seattle, and Austin, Texas, are similar to ATMs but have scanners to read government-issued identification such as a driver’s license or a passport to confirm users’ identities. The ATMs will […]

Winter Weather Packs Another Punch In Parts Of U.S

A new round of winter weather walloped the Philadelphia region on Tuesday (February 18). Area residents awoke to a fresh blanket of snow early in the morning and local media images from South Philly showed highways covered in white ahead of the morning commute. Further east, similar scenes were reported from Delaware Countyprompting concern that the new layer of snow was covering icy spots left behind by earlier snow storms. The snow has forced schools and businesses in […]

Entering the Realm of Blogging

By Nikki Veron Cruz AT this point, we are very much familiar with the terms “blogging”, “blogger”, and “blogs”. I would usually approach the concept of blogging with vague indifference simply because I feel that everyone now has the opportunity to claim that he is an online writer. Lately I have realized the infinite hub of useful, useless, insightful information that blogging sites cater on. Which led me to the elementary conclusion that yes, the […]

Crocodiles can climb trees – researchers

(Reuters) – Most people entering crocodile territory keep a wary eye out on water and land, but research suggests they need to look up. Though the reptiles lack obvious physical features to suggest this is possible, crocodiles in fact climb trees all the way to the crowns, according to University of Tennessee researcher Vladimir Dinets. Researchers in the climbing study observed crocodiles in Australia, Africa and North America. The study documented crocodiles climbing as high […]

Benefits of Walking – Why Walking is Good To The Health?

Benefits of Walking By: Natalie Kate Ann Juntado Some people might not get used to it, but walking 30 minutes every day especially every morning can help improve our health and fitness, reduces heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers. Not only that, walking also stretches our mind and soul which creates a sense of rhythm as we listen to our own silent rhythm that makes us a complete man – fit in mind, body and soul. […]

Microsoft Windows 8 lags predecessor in first-year sales

SEATTLE Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:11pm EST (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8 system has racked up more than 200 million license sales since its launch 15 months ago, according to Tami Reller, its head of marketing, lagging Windows 7 which sold 240 million within its first year. The latest Windows 8 sales figure, announced by Reller at a Goldman Sachs technology conference on Thursday, is the first that Microsoft has made public for more […]

California lawmaker wants warning labels on sugary drinks

By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO, California Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:06pm EST (Reuters) – Sodas and most other sugar-sweetened drinks sold in California would be required to carry warning labels for obesity, diabetes and tooth decay under a bill introduced in Sacramento on Thursday and backed by several public health advocacy groups. The first proposal of its kind would put California, which banned sodas and junk food from public schools in 2005, back in the vanguard […]

Baby Mop

Good news for mommies! Taking care of babies is such a tiring activity that mommies don’t have time to clean anymore. This Japanese invention, called the “baby mop”, is a built-in mop worn by babies which could be used to clean the floor while they’re crawling on it.