Cholera feared in Syria due to dirty water, WHO warns

A cholera outbreak is feared in coming months in Syria, where other water-borne diseases such as hepatitis A and typhoid are on the rise due to poor sanitation, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned yesterday. Safe drinking water is available at about one-third of the level it was before the conflict erupted nearly five years ago, and supplies are cut-off to punish civilians at times, it said. Some 31,460 cases of hepatitis A were reported […]

Robot attends school in place of injured student

A Pennsylvania student injured in a car crash was still able to attend classes on Friday with the help of a robot. Cole Fritz is a junior at Commodore Perry High School in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. He hasn’t been able to attend classes in person since the crash last month. But now, he’s able to see everything that goes on with the help of a robot. The district leases the device from a company that […]

Most expensive food in the world

Worth 40, 000 dollars per teaspoon, the White Gold Caviar is hailed as the most expensive food in the world. It is made from the eggs of the rare albino sturgeon from the Caspian Sea mixed with 22 carat gold.

Filipina nurse, MERS-Cov free!

Acting Health Secretary declares that the Philippines is once again MERS-Cov free, as the Filipina nurse was finally discharged from the hospital after her successful treatment. Said nurse will still undergo a ten-day quarantine in her home

Fashion meets function with robotic zipper

Struggling with a zipper that won’t budge – we’ve all been there. Forgetting to pull up your fly, most of us have been there to. Those frustrating and sometimes embarrassing moments may soon be a thing of the past thanks to this – meet zipperbot – the world’s first robot specifically designed to ensure that you’re never caught with your fly down. Zipperbot is the brainchild of Adam Whiton of the Personal Robotics Group at […]