Italy breaks record for world’s longest pizza at Milan Expo

JUNE 23 (Reuters) — A new record for the world’s longest pizza was established by dozens of Italian pizza-makers at Milan’s world fair, Expo 2015, on Saturday (June 20), reaching 1,596 meters in length. The pizza was made with two and a half tons of dough and seasoned with 1.5 tons of tomato sauce, 1.7 tons of mozzarella and 150 litres of oil. In a video released by Milan Expo, more than 80 pizza-makers were […]

Blind mother receives 3D print of daughter’s face

(Reuters) Two teachers from Indiana created a 3D print out of a young girl’s face for her blind deaf mother, a video posted to a social media website showed. In the video Ron Shaffer and Cory Howard, two high school teachers, were seen taking photographs of Denise Altheide in order to efficiently model the 3D print out. More footage showed Denise’s mother, Faith Altheide, delighted to receive her gift and hugging her daughter. Howards said their […]

Put lemons in your water!

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 22) – Why drink ordinary water when you can make it more healthy just by adding a sliced lemon in it. This is not just a fancy way of making your water more flavorful. Drinking lemon water actually have lots of benefits. First of all, lemons are very nutritious. It is packed with  Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber.  That’s a lot! But drinking […]

The answer to your weight loss problem – Okra!

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 19) – At first, I don’t really like eating okra. I’m sure many of you will agree that the slimy feeling is very off-putting. But when I found out that okra is very effective in helping one to lose weight, I became an instant fan of this vegetable. It is touted as the ideal vegetable for weight loss and the main reasons are: Okra  is low in calories […]

Jeralean Talley, world’s oldest-known person, dies at 116

JUNE 19 (Reuters) — Jeralean Talley, the world’s oldest-known person, has died in Michigan 26 days after her 116th birthday, a family spokeswoman said on Thursday (June 18). Born on May 23, 1899, Talley climbed to the top of a list kept by the Gerontology Research Group, which validates the ages of the world’s longest-living people, after Gertrude Weaver died at 116 in Arkansas in April. Talley died on Wednesday night in her home in […]

Animal-like robot respond in minutes to injuries and obstacles

JUNE 19 (Reuters) — Autonomy for robots is the Holy Grail for scientists seeking to expand their use in complex natural environments. As scientists develop robots for use in search and rescue, disaster response situations, health care and even exploration of other planets or deep oceans, improving the ability to adapt creatively and quickly is fast becoming an important factor. A team of French researchers say they have moved a step closer with ‘spider’ robots […]

Are you sweet? Tips for lowering your blood sugar

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 18) – Did you know that if you have high blood sugar that you are already considered pre-diabetic? Pre-diabetes is a condition where you have a high blood sugar but not as high as those with diabetes. But don’t fret since studies show that just by eating certain types of food, you can lower your blood sugar levels. 1. Cinnamon. This spice is a potent when it comes […]

Designers create wedding dresses out of toilet paper for a cash prize

JUNE 18 (Reuters) — If you ever wanted to flush your wedding dress, designers at the 11th annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest are giving brides the option. The competition, held in conjunction with Charmin for the fifth year, challenged people to design a wedding dress completely made from toilet paper. “They have to use Charmin toilet paper. Any kind of tape, any kind of glue, and they can use needle and […]

Love’s eternal on Paris Bridge as street art replaces “love locks”

JUNE 17 (Reuters) — Street art featuring Arabic graffiti and cartoon figures of lovers in swimming costumes now adorn one of Paris’s most august bridges — and all with the permission of the city authorities. After Paris officials wrenched the much-maligned “love locks” from the Pont des Arts amid safety concerns, four artists were invited to contribute to a temporary exhibition on the bridge, which links the Louvre museum and the collegiate left bank of […]

New footage shows Earhart before her ill-fated journey

JUNE 17 (Reuters) — New film footage purportedly showing legendary aviator Amelia Earhart has been released to the general public. The footage, shot in 1937, shows Earhart posing for a photographer on an airport tarmac, presumably in Burbank, California. Lost for nearly 80 years, the footage shows photographer Albert Bresnik taking photos of a smiling Earhart, who poses on and around her Lockheed Electra 10E, the plane that would carry her more than 20,000 miles […]