Canadian style takes center stage at Toronto Fashion Week

The runway at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week 2018. Photo by Arnie Aquino, EBC Canada Bureau.


TORONTO (Eagle News) — For two weeks, Toronto, or more specifically, “One Yonge” will become the heartbeat of Fashion in Canada as iconic and emerging designers showcase their latest collections.

The event shines the spotlight on both men’s and women’s fashion with Toronto Men’s Fashion Week running from March 5 to 11 and then at the same venue at 1 Yonge Street in Tornonto, Women’s Fashion Week runs from March 12 to 17.

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

The most influential platform in Canada for menswear designers and brands, the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, features cutting edge runway presentations. Runway presentations from the Fall/Winter 2018 collection of Zane Barlas and Hip & Bone highlights the wide spectrum of men’s fashion: Zane Barlas with its focus on tailored pieces, and Hip & Bone, which sets the standard in mens’ contemporary fashion.

The Toronto Men’s Fashion Week aims to promote Canadian Fashion Industry, and on its third and final day, “One Yonge Street” is full of energy with attendees eager to see the Fall/Winter collection of the likes of Zane Barlas and Hip & Bone.

Zane Barlas, the Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer of his brand, is also a name synonymous with ‘tailored suits.’ During an interview with Zane, he shares how passionate he is about well-designed, tailored pieces that are made with quality in mind. As a brand that also operates out of Dubai, his pieces are not only stylish and structured but also wears well in cities with warmer climates, such as Dubai.

In contrast, Hip and Bone brings modern pieces to the runway and Carlos Fogelman, Brand Executive as well as Designer and Founder of the brand, demonstrates a modern take on fashion on the runway.

The Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, organized by Canada Fashion Group happens twice a year, and provides a platform for Canadian fashion designers to showcase their creation.

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week

A model shows the latest women’s fashion at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week 2018. Photo by Arnie Aquino, EBC Canada Bureau.

The Women’s Fashion week highlights the collections from the likes of Stephan Caras and Pascal Labelle.

Greek born Canadian, Stephan Caras has an impressive list of achievements internationally in the Fashion Design world. His designs are both avant-garde and sophisticated, and in his Fall/Winter 2018 collection, he collaborates with his son, Kyriako for a dreamy, cosmic collection. In an interview with the father-son duo, they expressed that their collection always stem out from a desire to be able to invoke femininity without losing sophistication. Caras highlighted that fabric textures are an important part of their pieces, and it is clear that it plays a big role in their creative process.

Much like Caras, Pascal Labelle’s Fall/Winter collection noticeably uses different textures to create unique pieces that are both modern and edgy. Labelle creates personalized coats using leather, fur and cashmere, and creates contemporary pieces fit for an urban lifestyle. In an interview with Labelle, he shares his extensive knowledge in the creation process of a custom fit, tailored leather jacket. His mastery of his craft helped him succeed in the niche fashion industry.

The Toronto Women’s Fashion week gives designers the exposure they need to be successful in the industry. The fashion week attracts buyers, retailers, celebrities, models as well as national and international press to see the designs that will influence trends in the upcoming season.

(Eagle News Service, Arnie Aquino, EBC Canada Bureau)