Bubble-like water bottle you can eat

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Small transparent spheres filled with natural or flavored water could help provide a solution to London’s plastic waste problem, according to the start-up company based in the British capital that manufactures them. With many cities around the world struggling to dispose of vast numbers of used plastic water bottles, the biodegradable ‘Ooho balls’ have begun quenching the thirst of consumers at special events in San Francisco and London. The balls, which […]

Genetically modified crops, idinipensa ng mga health expert

Patuloy pa rin ang usapin tungkol sa kaligtasan at epekto ng Genetically Modified Crops. Marami pa rin kasing mga kababayan  natin ang hindi pabor sa mga GMO product.  Tulad ng BT talong at golden rice. Ayon kay Dr. Milton Strokes , Director for Global Health and Nutrition Outreach ng Monsato. Makakatulong ang GM crops sa Pilipinas upang matugunan ang nutritional requirements ng mga Pinoy.

Marmite may be brain food, study says

by Richard Ingham PARIS, France (AFP) — In a world bitterly divided into pro- and anti-Marmite factions, lovers of the tangy British spread have found support from an unexpected quarter: brain science. Experiments found that volunteers who ate a daily spoonful of the dark-brown yeast extract seemed to have higher levels of a vital neuron chemical associated with a healthy brain. The reason could lie in Marmite’s high levels of vitamin B12, the investigators say. […]

Scientists map Arabica coffee genome

SANTA BARBARA, California (Reuters) — It’s one of the most valuable agricultural commodities in the world and yet scientists know surprisingly little about coffee. “When we started looking at coffee we started to realize that it is kind of like an orphan crop. Very little has been done in introducing advance genetic technology to improve coffee,” said Juan Medrano, a professor of genomics at the University of California Davis. But now the secrets behind what […]

Let’s fight depression!

QUEZON City, Philippines (March 27) – Experiencing ups and the downs  is  normal in life. It’s the experiences – both the good and the bad – that shape how we perceive the members of our society and  culture. Yet for some individuals, there is the constant feeling of always being “down.”This is what is commonly known as depression. Depression is a mental ailment that causes a person to be constantly sad. It is usually fought […]

Food park - the newest food trend

Food park – the newest food trend

QUEZON City, Philippines (February 23) – Aside from taking selfies and posting on social media – Filipinos really, really love food. Admit it, we enjoy eating and in response to our insatiable collective appetite, the food park made its appearance. Come to think of it, the food park is a great concept, a welcome addition to the Filipino foodie culture. After all, we like to try a variety of dishes and food parks allow us […]

‘Our food, our stories’: bringing west African cuisine to the world

by Stacey KNOTT, with Stephanie FINDLAY in Lagos Agence France-Presse It took a move to the United States from Ghana to convince food entrepreneur Essie Bartels that the world deserved to know more about west African cuisine. “You would always end up having to put on tons of stuff — hot sauce, lots of salt, pepper. Nothing was well-seasoned,” Bartels said about her American food experience. “It was literally whiter than white, there was no […]

High price of shrimp linked to water pollution: study

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — The price of big-sized shrimp can rise as a direct result of pollution from fertilizers that cause dead zones in coastal waters, US researchers said Monday. The study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is the first to show how a low-oxygen water problem called hypoxia is related to the climbing price of seafood. “Many studies have documented the ecological impacts of hypoxia, but establishing a clear causal link to […]

American kids and Pinoy food – they’re back!

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 23) – After the adorable viral video of American kids trying different Pinoy dishes, social media content provider WatchCut released another clip of these cute kids trying more Pinoy food. The previous video generated a lot of disappointment especially on the dishes they made the kids try. Being responsive to the comments, the new video features more common Pinoy dishes. The first dish they served on the table was chicken adobo that is one of […]

U.S. eggs arrive in bird flu-hit South Korea

  (Reuters) — Imported eggs from the United States arrived at Incheon International Airport on Saturday (January 14) to ease South Korea’s egg shortage caused by its worst-ever bird flu epidemic. Handout footage from the South Korean agriculture ministry showed workers unloading 100 tonnes of fresh eggs from the United States out of a Korean Air cargo plane. Later in the day, South Korea’s other major airline Asiana Airline is also scheduled to deliver 100 […]


Cocoa arrived in Madagascar in the 1900s and is still a low-volume export yet the country’s cocoa pods are destined to become some of the most expensive chocolate in the world.

American kids and Filipino food = adorable!

QUEZON City, Philippines (December 20) – Adorable! Without a doubt, everyone can agree that this is the perfect word to describe the cute little kids in a viral video made by and posted in their Youtube channel. The video shows American kids try out Filipino food. Viewers really enjoyed the no-holds-barred reactions of these kids trying out food from different parts of the world. Their innocence and their honesty makes one roll on the floor, […]