LA County faces food insecurity more than any county in the US

Eagle News — Los Angeles has more residents facing food insecurity than any other county in the entire United States. That statement might be staggering for to those who might have envisioned Los Angeles as a sprawling metropolis with a bustling economy. But in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the problem of feeding such a large population is all the more magnified.

That’s where organizations like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank stepped in. Since 1973, the food bank has been on a mission to help Angelenos struggling to feed themselves or their families by providing food or their food distribution centers.

But with so many residents staying at home, and with layoffs and unemployment rising, the food bank has seen the number of their volunteers go down. Putting a strain on non-profit companies’ finance.

Some companies have even had to shut down operations forced to wait out the COVID-19 storm. However, not all sponsorships have ground to a halt. In fact, during this critical time, a number of businesses and organizations have actually stepped up donations to help support the functional needs of the food bank.

The county of Los Angeles is one such partner reporting today that they earned more than $3 million for that Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The money is planned to directly increase food supplies and to ensure that distribution to communities in need will continue.

Donations are still highly sought out by the LA Regional Food Bank because of the ongoing pandemic. The expectation is that the number of job losses will continue to rise, which means that the number of people experiencing food insecurity will also follow suit. Anyone looking to give to the food bank can find information on how to do so on their website at