When cereals become more than just breakfast

  Kids share how cereals can be more than just breakfast.  They can be enjoyed in more ways than just being served in a bowl with milk. David and Sarah Cucio from North Hills, California, interview some of the kids in the US to show us how in this Eagle News America report.   (Eagle News Service)

Japan premium melons go for $24,800 after virus slump

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — In what might be the unlikeliest indicator of a post-pandemic recovery, a pair of premium Japanese melons have sold for $24,800 at auction, over 22 times more than last year’s virus-hit price. The 2.7 million yen price tag at the season’s first auction for the famed Yubari melons is still a snip compared to records for the prized produce. “This year’s recovery in price can be seen as a result of […]

How PHL Dumagat tribe cook fish sinigang, steamed rice using bamboo; wrapped chicken under the ground

  (Eagle News) — The Philippine Dumagat tribe in Luzon has a unique traditional way of cooking food, harking backing to the old days when their ancestors had to cook food using what could be found in the forest.  With the use of bamboo, they are able to cook rice and even the Philippine dish “sinigang”.  They also cook chicken in a unique way while buried in the ground. -Sinigang with katmon fruit, lando leaves […]

UN seeks $76 million in emergency aid for Madagascar

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — The United Nations said Tuesday that $76 million was urgently needed to help over one million people in southern Madagascar facing potentially life-threating shortages of food, water and health assistance. The UN humanitarian agency OCHA issued its so-called flash appeal after the impoverished island country in eastern Africa saw its agricultural season ruined by the worst drought in a decade. At the same time, the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Climate change worsens child malnutrition: study

by Patrick GALEY Agence France-Presse PARIS, France (AFP) — Climate change may contribute more to greater child malnutrition and poor diet than traditional causes such as poverty and poor sanitation, according to research published on Thursday. Although childhood malnutrition has decreased globally over the past several decades, undernourishment has increased since 2015, in part due to warming temperatures and extreme weather. The United Nations says 144 million children under five were affected by stunting in […]

Mexico City plastic ban poses challenge for virus-hit firms

by Natalia Cano Agence France-Presse MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AFP) — Mexico’s ban on single-use plastic in its capital, one of the world’s most populous metropolises, has delighted environmentalists but dismayed some businesses struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Home to around nine million people, Mexico City generates about 13,000 tons of solid waste every day. The new rules, which are being phased in, ban the use of disposable plastic items such as cutlery, plates, […]

Zimbabwe to return land to farmers protected by investment deals

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AFP) — Zimbabwe said Tuesday that only foreign farmers protected by international investment treaties qualified to retrieve land seized by the government two decades ago. Former president Robert Mugabe launched land reforms in 2000, grabbing parcels from 4,000 white farmers on the grounds that he was reversing historical land ownership imbalances that favoured the minority whites. On Monday, the government said white farmers could apply to regain the titles to their land. Information ministry […]

As neighbours build dams, Iraqis watch twin rivers dry up

by Haydar Indhar Agence France-Presse DIWANIYAH, Iraq (AFP) — With its neighbours activating new dams, Iraq’s historic twin rivers could run dry — unless new infrastructure projects and tense talks with Turkey and Iran bear fruit. Nowhere is the effect on the country more palpable than in Basra, Iraq’s only coastal province. Here, the Tigris and Euphrates — on which millions of Iraqis rely to farm — meet at the Shatt al-Arab waterway before spilling […]

Plague to protein: Israeli firm seeks to put locusts on the menu

by Jonah MANDEL Agence France-Presse GOLAN HEIGHTS, Undefined (AFP) — From biblical plague to modern day protein, one Israeli firm wants to make locusts a sustainable food choice in the Holy Land and beyond. As for whether or not the insects are kosher, the answer is not so simple. At Hargol Foodtech’s farm in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a rectangular enclosure that once served as a chicken coop is filled with thousands of locusts, a […]

NET25’s new show “Unlad: Kaagapay sa Hanapbuhay” gives hope in overcoming poverty

(Eagle News) — In this pilot episode of NET 25’s newest show, “UNLAD: Kaagapay sa Hanapbuhay,” the problem of poverty affecting people worldwide is tackled and just how people can be helped by giving them hope that there is still a solution to their problem. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment have surged not just in the Philippines, but all over the world. The program, hosted by actor Robin Padilla, shows that people should not lose […]

LA County faces food insecurity more than any county in the US

Eagle News — Los Angeles has more residents facing food insecurity than any other county in the entire United States. That statement might be staggering for to those who might have envisioned Los Angeles as a sprawling metropolis with a bustling economy. But in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the problem of feeding such a large population is all the more magnified. That’s where organizations like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank stepped in. […]