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Sierra Leone’s ‘Peace Diamond’ shown ahead of New York auction

NEW YORK CITY, New York (Reuters) — The 14th largest diamond in the world was displayed in New York on Tuesday (November 21) and will go up for auction in New York on December 4. The “Peace Diamond” was discovered in Sierra Leone and is 709 carats in its uncut form. “I think the idea that we trust the government of Sierra Leone today is a very important sea change in how the world is […]

Holocaust survivor opens art museum in hometown Vilnius

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AFP) — Painter and Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak on Monday opened a museum of his allegorical work inspired by Jewish history in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, more than half a century after he held his first exhibition as a nine-year-old inside its wartime ghetto. As a boy he was sent to live in the ghetto after the German Nazis occupied the city in 1941 during World War II. He survived — unlike most of his […]

Filipino artists compete in 20-minute live painting contest

MANILA, Philippines (Reuters) — Filipino artists faced off in an on-the-spot timed painting competition in Manila on Saturday (November 18) as part of an international contest called “Art Battle.” A dozen illustrators and artists painted on white canvasses using acrylic paint for 20 minutes while spectators circled around them to observe and, later on, vote on the best work. The contest challenges artists to think creatively under time pressure and helps them practise various art […]

$7.5-million Schumacher Ferrari sets record: Sotheby’s

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — Michael Schumacher’s Grand Prix-winning Ferrari sold for $7.5 million in New York on Thursday, setting an auction record for a modern-era Formula One car, Sotheby’s said. The seven-time world champion’s 2001 Ferrari F2001 sparked furious bidding, roaring past its pre-sale estimate of $4-5 million at Sotheby’s flagship post-war and contemporary November evening art sale. It put the buzz into a night that otherwise fell short of the dizzying heights […]

Da Vinci sells for $450 million in auction record: Christie’s

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — A 500-year-old work of art — believed to be by Leonardo da Vinci and supposedly depicting Jesus Christ — sold in New York on Wednesday for $450.3 million, smashing a new art auction record, Christie’s said. The whopping price dwarfed the previous record for the most expensive piece of art sold at auction, set at $179.4 million for Pablo Picasso’s “The Women of Algiers (Version O)” by Christie’s in […]

Chagall sets auction record at $28.5 mn in New York

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — A Chagall oil painting shining with love for his first wife and adopted home Paris sold for $28.5 million in New York on Tuesday, almost doubling the artist’s previous auction record, Sotheby’s said. Considered one of the greatest works by Marc Chagall to come onto the open market, “Les Amoureux” had previously remained in the same family for nearly 90 years since 1928, the year it was painted. Sotheby’s […]

Art project transforms historic Indian fishing dock

MUMBAI, India (AFP) — Indian fishermen unload their morning catch as sari-clad women carrying buckets on their heads walk past street art that has transformed one of Mumbai’s oldest fishing docks into an exhibition space. Thirty artists from around the world have given the bustling 142-year-old Sassoon Dock, home to Mumbai’s traditional Koli fishing community, a colourful makeover as part of the St+art Urban Art Festival. “The artworks range from mixed media to graffiti to street-art styles […]

Nature’s nastiest beasts on show in London

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — From a hairy-legged Goliath spider to a 2.5-foot (0.7-meter) Komodo dragon, a fear-inducing exhibition opens Friday at London’s Natural History Museum showcasing the world’s most venomous creatures. More than 200,000 venomous species live on land, in the air or in the sea — including the huge living spider that welcomes visitors to the museum from inside its tank. “It’s not dangerous, it’s one of the biggest misconceptions. The little spider […]

Psychedelic color storm takes over Washington art space

by Olivia Hampton Agence France Presse WATCH, United States (AFP) — It all began by accident. After hurting his wrist, artist Oilhack started mixing paints, oil and soap in a bowl, experiments that eventually morphed into brightly colored moving seascapes in a collaboration with fellow Frenchman Thomas Blanchard that Apple used to promote its iPhone X. In their US debut, the pair, who form the WeAreColorful collaborative, are bringing an immersive experience — filling the […]

New Zealand mourns after ‘First Cat’ Paddles run over by car

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AFP) — New Zealand was mourning the loss of the nation’s “First Cat” Wednesday after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s pet puss Paddles was run over by a car in Auckland. The prime minister’s office confirmed that the ginger and white rescue cat, also described by Ardern as the PM (Prime Moggy), died in an accident on Tuesday. “To anyone who has ever lost a pet, you’ll know how sad we feel,” the […]

The guitar maker of Kinshasa: Father of a unique sound

by Marc Jourdier Agence France-Presse KINHASA, DR Congo (AFP) — In 2010, a group of Kinshasa street musicians, several of them left paraplegic by childhood polio, caused a sensation in Europe. Calling themselves Staff Benda Bilili, the penurious band wowed audiences with Congolese rumba, combining pounding rhythms with scintillating melodies and solos. As unique as the group’s tale of their rise from the streets was their gritty guitar sound — all the work of a […]

The Color Factory supercharges senses

SAN FRANCISCO (Eagle News) – People have traveled near and far to experience San Francisco’s most “Instagrammable” museum in the city, The Color Factory. Originally opened in August 2017, the museum was extended twice due to popular demand. The exhibit is currently sold out through November but those who were able to experience it were in for a color treat. With 15 different color experiences come 15 unique photo opportunities to liven up anyone’s social […]