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Liver and Viral Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention Month

What are the things that we need to know about Viral Hepatitis? Republic Act No. 10526 of 2012 declares January as Liver Cancer and Viral Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention Month (Research by Jobelyn Catama, Infographics by Dex Magno) Cant’t see the infographics? Click here: Liver and Viral Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention Month

Rizal Day Infographics

He is considered as the greatest son of the Philippines. He stood up and fought for our country’s independence, not with the sword, but by words written by his pen. He provided the inspiration that sparked the fire of nationalism. May he always inspire us to do more for our country. Here are some facts about our great National Hero, Jose Rizal: Can’t see the infographics? Click here: Rizal Day Infographics

National Volunteers Month

Do you mind taking maintenance medicines just to be fit and healthy? How about helping others that are in need? Let’s put a connection to the two. Do you mind to be healthy while helping others? These facts would surely not be part of your NVM list (Never Mind list.) Here are some of the health benefits of volunteering: December is National Volunteers Month Research by Azon Silverio Infographics by Dex Magno Can’t see the […]

National Rice Awareness Month

Proclamation No. 524 – The Philippine celebration of the International Year of Rice in 2004, and declaring the month of November as National Rice Awareness Month WHEREAS, the Government continually supports the ideals of the United Nations (UN) and recognizes the importance of the declaration of 2004 as the International Year of Rice (IYR); WHEREAS, the Philippines was instrumental to have 2004 declared as IYR; WHEREAS, the UN Declaration of 2004 as IYR emphasizes the […]

Nurse’s Week

For over the years, decades and centuries, they devoted their lives in taking care of others. Their patience, their tenderness and their kindness, is exceptional and everlasting. Let’s celebrate and see how far they have come… in the path that they chose to follow; A continuous virtue. An endless devotion. The last week of October is the Nurses’ Week Infographics designed by Dexter Magno Research by Monica Llanera, Editing by MRFaith Bonalos Can’t see the […]

National Census Month

Republic Act (RA) No. 10625, otherwise known as the “Philippine Statistical Act of 2013,” which was passed on 12 September 2013, states that the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) shall prepare and conduct periodic censuses on population, housing, agriculture, fisheries,business, industry, and other sectors of the economy. August is National Census Month Research by Krizia Benesio Infographics design by Dexter Magno See full infographics here:

Buwan ng Wika 2016: “Filipino: Wika ng Karunungan”

Ito ang wikang nauunawaan ng karamihan. Dahil dito nakakapag-palitan ng opinyon, kaalaman at saloobin. ang mga Pilipino mula Luzon, Visayas hanggang Mindanao Ang wikang Pilipino ay wika ng pagkakaisa. Ang Agosto ay Buwan ng Wika Research by: Mary Rose Faith Bonalos Infographics by: Dexter Magno

SONA Trivia

(Eagle News) – Here are some interesting facts about the State of the Nation Address (SONA) in the Philippines (trivia and infographics courtesy   First SONA: The first SONA was delivered during a special session of the National Assembly on November 25, 1935. It was the only SONA delivered before a special session of the Legislature.   This was delivered by President Manuel Quezon to the First National Asembly on National Defense. Historically, SONAs have […]

Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino – Infographics

Through the years, OPM has been recognized not just I the whole country but is now slowly making its name internationally because of its wide, original music selection. Born to have passion in music, Filipinos are dedicated in composing music which has made them known as great musicians worldwide. Let’s appreciate the Original Pilipino Music (OPM). July 25-31 is being celebrated as the “Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino” (Research and Infographics by Krizia Mae Benesio)