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Guidelines for Dengue Surveillance and Mosquito Control

The global incidence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades. Because of this, about half of the world’s population is now at risk. Here are some of the tips for better monitoring and can let you know more about the general information on dengue and how to avoid and treat it.   Infographics by: Dexter Magno Research by: Jasmin Monte & Mia Lydia Caragay

Women’s Role in History Month

Let’s all give tribute to the women in every race; in every culture; and in every class that have contributed and somehow shaped our history on what we have today. Let us make them feel their worth and their greatness for being a woman and for sharing to the world the essence of being one. Let’s encourage every women to show their capability and share their intelligence to shape a better future. March is Women’s […]

Election Don’ts – Infographics

Other than the the gun ban, there many other election don’ts. These prohibited acts were laid down by Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to make the campaign and election period, somehow, peaceful. These are the lists of prohibited acts and offenses taken from the Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines, arranged by month: Infographics by: Dexter Magno Research by: Rex Felix Salvador I

Philippine Industry and Made in the Philippines Products Week

Patronize our own, because if you will not appreciate the things you own, who will? If you will not be the one to contribute to the economic growth of our country, who will? You can help in increasing our country’s economy, by simply using and patronizing our own product. Be proud that our country is able to produce such local products and be proud that you are patronizing those products. You can help in increasing […]

Tax Consciousness Month

Be responsible and pay your tax on time because it is your obligation and you should be liable. March is Tax Consciousness Month Infographics by: Eliud Barcelona Research by: Judy Ann Casamayor

National Health Insurance Program

FEBRUARY of each year is National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) Month in recognition of the important role that the NHIP plays in every Filipino’s life. Infographics by Elliud Barcelona Research by Amabelle Lopez

Philippine Heart Month

February is Philippine Heart Month Here are some tips to take care of your heart: Infographics by Dex Magno Research by Amabelle Lopez Can’t see the image? Please click here: Philippine Heart Month Infographics

Election Gun Ban – Infographics

As defined under Rule I, Section I of COMELEC Resolution No. 10015 dated November 13, 2015,the Committee on the Ban on Firearms and Security Personnel (CBFSP) refers to the committee created by the Commission to implement the laws and rules on the ban on the bearing, carrying, or transporting of firearms and other deadly weapons, and the employment, availment, or engagement of security personnel or bodyguards during the election period. Infographics by Dex Magno Research […]

Guardian of the Ballot – COMELEC 101

Its slogan embodies the reason why it was made. Every newspaper and news programs mention this commission rampantly especially now that the election period has started, or when a politician gets penalized. The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) really has the spotlight now, along with those who’ll run for national office. Infographics by Elliud Barcelona Research and written by Rex Salvador I Edited by Jay Paul Carlos