Infographics – National

Human Trafficking Awareness

Be informed and be the first to act to support this reform. Raise your awareness and end your sadness, as the world celebrates the day of Human Trafficking Awareness. Infographics designed by Eliud Barcelona Research by Judy Ann Casamayor

National Zero Waste Month

Taking the Reuse, reduce, recycle in a whole new level! Let’s learn and exchange ideas this January as we celebrate the National Zero Waste Month 2016. Infographics designed by Eliud Barcelona Research by Judy Ann Casamayor

Energy Consciousness Month

Proclamation No. 1427, s. 2007, Amending Proclamation No. 867 which amends Proclamation No. 496 by declaring December of every year as “Energy Consciousness Month” Here’s some facts and trivia about energy and some tips on how to conserve it. Infographics designed by Dex Magno Research by Ehdmarien Torres

Linggo Ng Kabataan

Linggo ng Kabataan celebration serves as commemoration of young Filipino heroes who made significance contribution to the development of our country. 2nd Week of December is “Linggo ng Kabataan” Infographics by Dex Magno Research by Ehdmarien Torres

Holiday Hazards Prevention Month

The holiday season can be a source of a lot of memories Let us not let these dangers give us that worst memories Instead, follow these tips to have a peaceful and fruitful holiday season: December is Holiday Hazards Prevention Month Infographics by Dexter Magno Research by Clark Jason Mangahas

Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week

Over 5 million lives per year are taken away due to hunger and diseases aggravated by climate change. Help the earth survive and help yourself survive. Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week (Nov. 19 to 25) Infographics by Dex Magno Research by Alanna Marie Ambi

Tips on how to avoid “Tanim-Bala” extortion scheme in airports.

The infamous “laglag bala” or “tanim bala” had caused a media field day, widely reported and covered in newspapers, radios and televisions and in the internet as well. Some employee had even lost their jobs when the authorities found out that their luggage are said to contain bullets. Now that holiday is coming shortly, many of us will be going in and out of the country for a vacation and sightseeing. Here’s some more tips […]

Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week

There is a felt need to increase awareness and understanding of the adverse effects of drug abuse not only on the health of our people but also on our social, economic and even the political development of our country. “Life is very interesting… in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.” -Drew Barrymore quote for Overcoming Addiction Drew Barrymore is best known for her role as an actor. She has successfully […]

Filipino Values Month

We have a lot of good and unique Filipino values that made us known to the world. Let’s do our best to value, treasure, and preserve them. November is Filipino Values Month Infographics by Clark Jason Mangahas Research by Novinm Murillo Editing by AV Mendoza

Homes Safety Month

“Safety does not come instantly, you should implement it consistently.” November is Homes Safety Month Here’s some tips to keep your home safe and happy. Infographics and research by Cyra Aleeza Arellano Ebuenga

Museum and Galleries Month

In the end we were just wanderers in this world.. who will always longing for the past, and wishing we could turn back the time.. and feel it once again, but the only thing that left.. is to reminisce together with the presents of the things that give pleasure to us. October is Museums and Galleries Month Infographics by Dexter Magno Researches by: Regielyn Catubag and MRFaith Bonalos

National Anti-Video Piracy Month

“Kill Piracy; Save Creativity”!” ― Kalyan C. Kankanala, Pirates of Bollywood October is National Anti-Video Piracy Month. Infographics by Clark Jason Mangahas Research by Monica Llanera